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Peony – statement of romance and elegance
Peony – statement of romance and elegance

Peonies – these gorgeous flowers take everyone’s breath away. Stunningly beautiful, in shades of pink and red as well as white and yellow, peony announces that spring has truly arrived.

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Editors Picks

  • Mar012017

    The perfect wedding bouquet

    Wedding bouquet is one of the most important details of any wedding. To complete the scenery and the bride’s beautiful dress, the perfect bouquet is obligated.

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  • Feb232017

    Luxury party with flowers

    Flower is one of the decoration elements that you can use creatively and turn any event in special and wonderful moment.

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  • Feb162017

    Flower walls

    Luxurious wall installation made entirely of flowers is a spectacular way to create a floral point at your wedding.

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  • Feb142017

    Flowers make you happy

    Flowers can make you happy, and there are even researches that have proven how beneficial to a person’s emotions and feelings flowers are.

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  • Feb092017

    Say YES to peony themed wedding

    Choosing a theme for the wedding can be difficult, but creating flower themed wedding will make your special day unforgettable and unique.

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  • Feb022017

    Terrariums – whimsical little gardens

    One of the most popular wedding flowers are anemones. These scentless flowers come in a wide range of jewel-toned colours.

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  • Jan262017

    Details of your wedding day

    From the bride’s bouquet to table decorations, flowers are an exciting and romantic part of the wedding theme.

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