Cattleya Corsage

The typical Cattaleya orchid flower has three rather narrow sepals. Two petals are similar to each other, and the third is shaped like a lip.  It is an eye-catching shape.

Colours:   Many colours, Green, Yellow, Rustic, Brown, White, Pink, Raspberry, Burgundy, etc.

Origin:   Florida, Bahamas, West Indies, Mexico and tropical America

Flowering period:   Can bloom several times a year

Location:   A bright well-lit spot away from direct sunlight

Temperature:   Grows best in temperatures from 15° to 22°C

Watering:   50ml rain water or filter water, once a week

Feeding:   During flowering the plant will need feeding every 2 weeks with orchid fertilizer

Encouraging your Cattleya orchid to re-flower:

After flowering the plant will produce new shoots. The more these shoots grow, the more watering the plant will need. The plant should be moved to a shaded position for a period of rest which will encourage flowering.


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