Terrariums – whimsical little gardens

Terrariums – whimsical little gardens
February 2, 2017 Orchidya

Terrarium is a perfect solution for small places that needs greenery – it is a garden inside a clear glass case. Tarrarium is planted to look like a tiny garden or forest enclosed in its own little world.

These lovely little gardens in jars have become very popular, as more people use them as home decoration, gifts for friends and wedding favours. Terrariums are perfect for people, who doesn’t have time for gardening.

They need very little attention – minimal sunlight, some water every week and the opening of the lid when there is excess condensation. Terrariums are very beautiful and unique in their designs.

Terrariums come in all types of containers from diamond-shaped glass cases to light bulbs. There is also an open terrarium, where part of the container is left open. This allows for more variety of plants, which do not need to be as hardy or resistant to humidity, to be used.

Terrariums can be the best choice for green plants and stunning design element for your home or office.

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