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Fresh hand-tied flower bouquets & luxury orchids

Contract Services

Everyone wants to make a good first impression.

The opportunity to impress a positive mental image onto your clients, guests and visitors is not one to miss by presenting lacklustre flowers. Seeing an Orchidya floral design at the outset will instantly tell people that they are in the company of creativity, style and vision. Orchidya promises to create a striking, confident and compelling visual handshake aligned to your company and brand.

The presence of floriculture has been proven to not only make a welcome addition of beauty and colour, but to effectively reduce stress levels and introduce a sense of calm. The positive effects of biophilia in the workplace where individuals instinctively seek connection with nature is a growing concept in office design for its benefits to productivity and general health.

We don’t just understand flowers; we understand your business and pride ourselves in representing you.

When creating our designs, Orchidya takes into account your profession, your space and the all important light quality so that we can effectively tailor each composition to your own specific requirements and represent your corporate identity. If you would like to know more about the commercial services we can provide to the Bloomsbury, Fitzrovia and Soho areas, or if you would like to arrange a site visit and consultation, please contact us.

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