Orchidya Academy

We are currently in the process of building a dedicated flower school website where all information on classes can be found. In the meantime, Orchidya can offer a range of courses to appeal to anyone with a passion for flowers who wants to learn something new, improve their current skills or just have some fun at a new experience. Classes require a minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 students per class and are held at our 42 Store Street location.  Our experienced teachers will support your education and directly assist you in making sure you have an exceptional and inspiring experience.

For further details while we build the information into our website, please contact us at info@orchidya.com and we will be happy to talk you through your requirements.


Our View

We believe that in this day and age, many floristry schools do not offer proper help and guidance that their students deserve. Due to their inadequate and outdated teaching standards, a large majority of students are left behind without the necessary skills and tuition. Their classes don’t guide the student well enough for creativity or freedom to bloom. We only aim to give our best to every and all students, who walk through our doors. Beginner or experienced, we will guide you into exploring your imagination and bringing it to fruition. This means expert floristry tutors, vast resources and materials, an insight into our unique styles of work and the ability to work independently and professionally.

Our Drive

Here at Orchidya, we understand the minds of the students. What we teach is the student to become independent and hone their creative minds. To understand that anything is and can become a concept. We welcome ideas no matter how creative and unique, what we expect is that the student will use their taught skills and experiences to create masterpieces in their own name of what they see. Art is not defined nor set, it is constantly moving and progressing, made by you, envisioned by you. A leaf off the ground, a twig, this is all up to your imagination, anything can be used to create your final designs.

Our Passion

Before it is possible for you to create your own flower arrangements, you will need to understand the correct skills to apply them. Our expert floristry tutors offer the best guided classes and courses for you. Excellent group sessions and also one-on-one lessons are available in a whole wide range of floristry departments. From Bridal Bouquets and home decorations, to professional level courses aimed at leading you into the profession. We cater for skill levels and whether you are a complete beginner testing your hand at making arrangements or an experienced florist freshening up your skills and experiencing new ideas. Everyone is welcome – join our school today and become part of a friendly community, doing what we love and have fun doing so.


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