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Plant Supplies

Plant supplies can assist you in incorporating a few simple steps into your daily plant-care routine. It is very important to look after your plants if you want them to live a longer and better life. Myth: When using fer... tilisers and pesticides, if a little is good, a lot must be better! Fact: An exact measurement of fertilisers and pesticides is crucial for a healthy garden - plants & flowers. Too much fertiliser can burn the roots and stunt the growth of your plants; too much pesticides used can burn the leaves. Orchidya shop offers Orchid myst, growth set, orchid fertilisers and different liquids for plant focus, for orchid focus and plant growth. Plant supplies are also a great gift idea for plant lovers. You will help them to take care of their plants if they tend to forget! Our florists will gladly consult you if you don’t know what exactly you need for your plants and we will help you to find the perfect plant supplies for the best results! Contact us by email, over the phone or just in person at our shop. Order plant supplies online from Orchidya flower shop! Read more

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