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Bronze Vanda

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The Vanda orchid has a wild, vibrant appearance. The genus is highly prized in horticulture for its showy, fragrant, long lasting, and intensely colourful flowers. Hues of bronze, orange, and copper make this Vanda the focal point of any room.

Vanda orchids can be hung indoors or purchased in a glass vase.  For more information about Vanda orchids, please read the Care Instructions or contact our expert florists.

Please note: Vanda Orchids require at least 2 days pre-order.

Orchidya delivers throughout central London.
The delivery price may vary depending on the destination and is added at the checkout page based on the inputted delivery details. See our delivery map for reference.

Standard delivery time is between 9am and 6pm.
For delivery outside of these hours or to request a specific time slot, please contact us by email at or by phone at 0203 302 1539.

For same day deliveries to a commercial address, orders must be received by 2pm.
For a residential address, orders must be received by 4pm.
For orders to be delivered on Sunday, orders must be placed by 1pm GMT on Saturday.

We are unable to deliver any orders outside of London at this time.

Flowering period: Vanda doesn’t have a fixed flowering period and can bloom several times in a year

Feeding: Feed once a month in summer by adding feed to the water, and once every two months at other times of the year

Location: Hang the vanda in a spot where it gets as much light as possible but avoid direct sunlight in summer

Temperature: Grows best in temperatures of 18° to 25°C

Watering: Water the plant by fully submerging the roots into tepid water for about 10 minutes (or until air bubbles stop appearing from the roots) before re-hanging

Encouraging your Vanda orchid to re-flower: Cut the branch as short as possible after flowering without causing damage to the plant. Vandas have no fixed flowering time and can bloom several times a year. The new bud develops under a new leaf, from which a new branch will grow.


Same-day London delivery for orders made before 2pm

Orchidya delivers throughout central London. If you would like to deliver fresh flower bouquets to the surrounding London area, please contact us directly and we will do our best to assist. We regret that we are unable to deliver Orchid arrangements outside of London due to their delicate nature.

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