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Beautiful deep pink magenta coloured orchid, eye-catching and vivid. It is simply arranged in a ceramic vase in a choice of three colours.

Total height: 70 – 75 cm

Orchidya delivers throughout central London.
The delivery price may vary depending on the destination and is added at the checkout page based on the inputted delivery details. See our delivery map for reference.

Standard delivery time is between 9am and 6pm.
For delivery outside of these hours or to request a specific time slot, please contact us by email at or by phone at 0203 302 1539.

For same day deliveries to a commercial address, orders must be received by 2pm.
For a residential address, orders must be received by 4pm.
For orders to be delivered on Sunday, orders must be placed by 1pm GMT on Saturday.

We are unable to deliver any orders outside of London at this time.

Total height: 70 – 75 cm

Fresh airflow is very important to orchids as they do not react well to sealed environments.

Ensure they are not exposed to cold or hot draughts.

Place the orchid under indirect sunlight. 

Do not touch the orchid flower petals, as it will cause the flowers to wilt.


Finger test before watering and use room temperature filtered water. 

Use a tablespoon or a spray bottle. Pour/spray the water directly onto each root of the orchid plant. Each root of the orchid plant needs 6 tbsp. of water (20 sprays) 

Rooms between 18-22 degrees celsius, water 2 times per week, but this will vary from room to room.

Do not spray water on the plant leaves or petals. 


Orchids are sensitive living organisms and react differently to each environment, so finger testing before watering is very important. If the root is still moist after 3-4 days, you can water once a week. If the plant roots and leaves are dry and wrinkly that means they are thirsty and you can increase watering. If the roots and leaves are yellow and look engorged, then the orchid is overwatered.


Same-day London delivery for orders made before 4pm

Orchidya delivers throughout central London. If you would like to deliver fresh flower bouquets to the surrounding London area, please contact us directly and we will do our best to assist. We regret that we are unable to deliver Orchid arrangements outside of London due to their delicate nature.

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