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Trendy floral decoration ideas for your wedding

One of the best parts of a wedding planning is choosing the wedding decors. You’ve probably seen a wide variety of wedding flowers, bridal bouquets, groom boutonnieres, table arrangements and wedding aisles in different styles. The idea of your wedding flower arrangements doesn’t have to match the traditional choices. You can come up with your own unique design. You can create the most beautiful floral decorations for your ceremony in a variety of ways – from a centrepiece on the table to breathtaking arrangements. No matter what you choose, here at online flower shop, we have some of the prettiest floral arrangements you’ll ever see. 

10 most common floral decorations for weddings:

  1. Bridal bouquet, toss bouquet, mini bridesmaid bouquet
  2. Wedding hair flowers
  3. Wedding badges for groom, best man and father
  4. Aisle decoration, altar flowers
  5. Wedding arch
  6. Wedding table decorations
  7. Wedding chair decorations
  8. Wedding car decorations
  9. Wedding cakes with natural flowers
  10. Hanging wedding decorations (e.g., flower rings, decoration for swings, flowers in hanging vases)

The look of your wedding bouquet

Asymmetrical, large, bohemian – this is how bridal bouquets are made nowadays. Bohemian bridal bouquets similar to our Elysium are made to stand out. Whether it is an elegant boho style bouquet with pampas grass, thistles, and meadow flowers or a vintage-inspired fluffy eucalyptus rose dream bouquet, the bridal bouquet should no longer be round and neatly tied together. In today’s wedding floral industry, bouquets are tied in such a way that they don’t look as if they were picked by the florist, but rather picked randomly from the field – uniquely imperfect and disproportionate.

Wedding table decorations – centrepieces

Besides the style and concept of the wedding decor, you should also think about whether you want to have large and eye-catching centrepieces for your wedding table, such as dried flower Neverland or rather a few flowers in delicate vases. Contemporary table decoration trends include hanging a garland of flowers and greens or dried plants across all of the tables. The trend of choosing boho style chic weddings and fine art weddings has become more popular and for a good reason! Wedding decorations with dried flowers are rustic and sustainable and can be arranged incredibly elegantly. 

Wedding arch and aisle

The walk to the altar is a one-of-a-kind and magnificent experience that you will remember forever. A majestic wedding arch decorated with flowers is the pinnacle of every wedding ceremony. Because this is where the most important action of the day takes place, the decorations of this area are very important. It is also serving as the floral background for a photo of the first kiss of the new couple, and the wedding arch often serves as a backdrop for wedding photos.

Wedding arches can also be attached between trees, on the wall or on other equipment, such as a garden pavilion or beautiful ceiling beams. Floral arrangements like Sehar combine hydrangeas, roses and peonies to create an archway that looks like it came straight from a fairy tale.

There are countless lovely bridal bouquets and floral decors to choose from. The options are limitless. You can rely on the Orchidya London florist team to select the perfect blooms for your wedding, including harmoniously coordinated table arrangements. Working with a florist who understands your vision for your wedding appearance is essential for the perfect result. We are here to help you make your floral dreams a reality! Don’t hesitate to contact us about your wishes!