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Floor Plants

Ficus, monstera, cacti, and an array of other floor plants are superb selections for cultivating a warm and inviting atmosphere within your home. Notably, these plants can contribute to improved indoor air quality. We offer plant delivery within London only.

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Euphorbia Erytrea ‘Cactus’
Ficus Ginseng ‘Bonsai Tree’
Ficus Ginseng ‘Bonsai Tree’ Sale priceFrom £215.00
Howea Forsteriana ‘Palm’
Howea Forsteriana ‘Palm’ Sale price£395.00
Drac Magenta
Drac Magenta Sale price£129.00
Ficus Bin Alii
Ficus Bin Alii Sale price£145.00
Schefflera Amata
Schefflera Amata Sale price£149.00
Monstera Mosstok
Monstera Mosstok Sale priceFrom £88.00
Ficus Robusta
Ficus Robusta Sale priceFrom £125.00