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Our Story

Our forte lies in enchanting flowers

We're experts in stunning blooms, with a florist team dedicated to helping you find the finest flowers and plants for any occasion. Fueled by our love for nature, we're passionate about crafting imaginative and unforgettable arrangements and we firmly believe that the best and freshest flowers result in the most striking displays.


From timeless classics to rare and captivating specimens, our selection celebrates the diversity that orchids bring to every space.

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Customer reviews

Really could not recommend highly enough. I was after some flowers at really short notice to fill our hotel room for my proposal. They were so accommodating and really listened and advised expertly to make the experience perfect, which it was. Thanks again.

Cameron Setoudeh

I am a building manager of a local high end residential development and use Orchidya for our reception display and annual fully decorated Xmas tree. Every month and every year they deliver excellence and value for money so I highly recommend their service and products.

David White

This place makes people feel special. Thank you so much! Sophie and the rest of the people at the shop. Very passionate and knowledgeable about there trade.

Cee Jay


The art of choosing a flower gift

The art of choosing a flower gift

The combination of a flower arrangement and a small gift is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and good wishes. We have combined all the best special occasion gifts for your significant other.

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Flowers for every personality type

Flowers for every personality type

Flowers have long been a symbol of devotion and care, and each flower matches its own unique personality and characteristics.

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Flower care tips for freshly cut flowers

Flower care tips for freshly cut flowers

Once the flowers arrive at their destination, it is important to care for them properly so that they can make you happy for as long as possible.

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We lovingly create flower arrangements that gracefully elevate your life's special moments.

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